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Lodolite Phantom Quartz Silver Pendant for Lilis

Custom made ordered; Wire wrapped jewelry pendant/necklace. Made of Lodolite Phantom Quartz in sterling silver 925 wire. *Handmade wire weaved jewelry pendant.

My Masterpiece; Wire Jewelry Emerald Pendant / Necklace

My masterpiece – Wire Wrapped Emerald Pendant, made of Indian Emerald & Silver Plated Copper Wire. I was using 0.8mm (20gauge) & 0.3mm (28gauge) silver plated wire. The stone was about 3.5cm thick and weight about 245grams.

Phosphor Luminescence Gemstone Pendant/Necklace

Custom made order, Handmade wire jewellery pendant / necklace, made of Phosphor Luminescence Gemstone and sterling silver wire 925, adorned with Swarovski bead.

Blue Kyanite Silver Pendant / Necklace

Custom made order : Handmade pendant / necklace, hybrid wire jewelry & silver smithing techniques. Materials : Blue Kyanite and Sterling Silver 925, adorned with Blue Topaz .

Eudialyte in Silver Pendant / Necklace

Custom made order : Handmade hybrid wire jewelry & silver smithing pendant / necklace Materials : Eudialyte Minerals, Silver 925 adorned with Garnet Beads.

Natural Septarian Dragon stone pendant necklace

Wire wrapped jewellery pendant / necklace (Unisex) Custom made for men. Made of natural Septarian Dragon stone & silver plated copper wire.

Handmade wire wrapped Boulder Opal pendant for Men (Unisex)


Simple custom made order ; handmade wire wrapped pendant for Men (Unisex). Materials : Natural Boulder Opal stone (from Customer), Silver Plated Copper Wire (UK).

Handmade wire wrapped imperial jasper pendant for Men (Unisex)

Simple custom made order ; Handmade wire wrapped jewellery pendant for Men (Unisex). Materials : Natural Sea sediment imperial jasper stone (from Customer) & silver plated copper wire.

Larimar – Silver Jewellery Pendant for Lily Tan

Custom made order Handmade Silver Jewellery Pendant; (Hybrid) Silver Smith & Wire Wrapping. Made of 925 Solid Sterling Silver Wire (Perak 925) & Genuine Gemstones. Primary Stone: Natural LARIMAR from Dominican Republic Secondary Stone: Blue Topaz (Genuine).

Lodolite (Garden Quartz) Wrapped in Sterling Silver, for Lilis Nuraida

Simple custom made order for mbak Lilis Nuraida Handmade Wire Wrapped Jewellery Pendant (Chain not included). Lodolite (Garden/Scenic Quartz) wrapped in Sterling Silver Wire (Perak 92.5%). Thank you teh Lilis Terimakasih.. Terimakasih..