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Swarovski Love Bracelet – Fiance’s gift

LOVE.. LOVE is the most important thing in the world, but jewelry is pretty good, too. – Vimala Vita 😂 A custom made bracelet set for my best friend’s fiance, made 100% with love. Materials : Sterling Silver 925 (Perak 92,5%), Swarovski Crystal. Thank you Martin 😘  

Lodolite Phantom Quartz Silver Pendant for Lilis

Custom made ordered; Wire wrapped jewelry pendant/necklace. Made of Lodolite Phantom Quartz in sterling silver 925 wire. *Handmade wire weaved jewelry pendant.

My Masterpiece; Wire Jewelry Emerald Pendant / Necklace

My masterpiece – Wire Wrapped Emerald Pendant, made of Indian Emerald & Silver Plated Copper Wire. I was using 0.8mm (20gauge) & 0.3mm (28gauge) silver plated wire. The stone was about 3.5cm thick and weight about 245grams.

Phosphor Luminescence Gemstone Pendant/Necklace

Custom made order, Handmade wire jewellery pendant / necklace, made of Phosphor Luminescence Gemstone and sterling silver wire 925, adorned with Swarovski bead.

Blue Kyanite Silver Pendant / Necklace

Custom made order : Handmade pendant / necklace, hybrid wire jewelry & silver smithing techniques. Materials : Blue Kyanite and Sterling Silver 925, adorned with Blue Topaz .

Eudialyte in Silver Pendant / Necklace

Custom made order : Handmade hybrid wire jewelry & silver smithing pendant / necklace Materials : Eudialyte Minerals, Silver 925 adorned with Garnet Beads.

Natural Septarian Dragon stone pendant necklace

Wire wrapped jewellery pendant / necklace (Unisex) Custom made for men. Made of natural Septarian Dragon stone & silver plated copper wire.