Handmade wire wrapped Boulder Opal pendant for Men (Unisex)


Simple custom made order ; handmade wire wrapped pendant for Men (Unisex). Materials : Natural Boulder Opal stone (from Customer), Silver Plated Copper Wire (UK).

Handmade wire wrapped imperial jasper pendant for Men (Unisex)

Simple custom made order ; Handmade wire wrapped jewellery pendant for Men (Unisex). Materials : Natural Sea sediment imperial jasper stone (from Customer) & silver plated copper wire.

Larimar – Silver Jewellery Pendant for Lily Tan

Custom made order Handmade Silver Jewellery Pendant; (Hybrid) Silver Smith & Wire Wrapping. Made of 925 Solid Sterling Silver Wire (Perak 925) & Genuine Gemstones. Primary Stone: Natural LARIMAR from Dominican Republic Secondary Stone: Blue Topaz (Genuine).

Lodolite (Garden Quartz) Wrapped in Sterling Silver, for Lilis Nuraida

Simple custom made order for mbak Lilis Nuraida Handmade Wire Wrapped Jewellery Pendant (Chain not included). Lodolite (Garden/Scenic Quartz) wrapped in Sterling Silver Wire (Perak 92.5%). Thank you teh Lilis Terimakasih.. Terimakasih..

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Artistic Wire 26-Gauge Gun Metal Wire

Artistic Wire 26-Gauge Gun Metal Wire

Artistic Wire is the most extensive line of permanently colored copper wire for jewelry and crafts. The wire has an exclusive enamel coating that is available with a glossy metallic finish, or in a matte finish. The coating is engineered to resist tarnishing, chipping, and peeling and to stand up to coiling, spiral making, twisting, […]