Artistic Wire 20-Gauge Tarnish Resistant Silver Wire

Artistic Wire 20-Gauge Tarnish Resistant
Artistic Wire 20-Gauge Tarnish Resistant
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Been using this wire for wire and I noticed the coating is coming off the wire, which is not good if the wire is non-tarnish…. This is my favorite wire & it has something wrong with it!
The wire is somewhat soft, making it very easy to do wire wrapping.


Product Description

Artistic Wire is the most extensive line of permanently colored copper wire for jewelry and crafts. Exclusive Silver Plated colors that offer striking beauty and shine. These wires are made by first plating the copper wire with a precision layer of pure silver. Then we carefully apply our unique enamel color and non-tarnish coating on top of this silver plating. The silver plating beneath the color adds an incredible high-shine and brilliance to the wire.

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