Sterling Silver & Copper Jewellery Care


General Guidelines

  • After wearing, wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth.
  • Put your jewelry on last, after cosmetics, perfume, hairspray and other chemical substances that can be corrosive.
  • Store your jewelry pieces separately, in a jewelry box or pouches, to avoid scratching.

Cleaning Notes

  • Most gold, silver, copper and bronze jewelry can be cleaned with a liquid detergent solution.
  • For silver jewelry, it is best to use a mild cleaner without bleaching agents, abrasives or ammonia.
  • Soak the jewelry in a very warm solution of water and detergent, then rinse. (Important: do not use detergent on pearls.)
  • Brush your jewelry gently with a soft toothbrush to loosen stubborn dirt.
  • Do not soak silver for too long, as this can affect some oxidized finishes.
  • All silver and copper jewelry has been coated to protect against tarnishing, however, over time the coating may wear off depending on use.